How to Prevent Periodontal Disease

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Unlike gingivitis, periodontal disease is not completely reversible. At Riverstone Dental Care, we always want to do everything in our power to help our patients keep their teeth and gums as clean and healthy as possible. For personalized advice on how you can keep your smile in tip-top shape, please schedule an appointment with our team.

Establish a Thorough At-Home Oral Care Routine

Everyone knows that practicing good oral hygiene is one of the key factors for maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile. We recommend that patients follow the 2:2:2 rule – brush your teeth for two minutes, twice per day, and visit the dentist at least twice per year. Flossing is also an essential part of a great oral care routine. This is because plaque can easily build up between the teeth and around the gum line. Rinsing with a mouthwash that is specifically formulated to prevent gum disease can also be helpful.

Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

It’s well known that sugar is not good for teeth, but it can be detrimental to the gums as well. Sugar combines with saliva and harmful bacteria in the mouth, turns into plaque, and collects on the teeth. When it is not adequately removed, it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Starches can also turn into sugar, so eating foods that are high in carbohydrates can have a similar effect. In addition to reducing sugar and carbs, drinking lots of water throughout the day can help to wash away food particles and bacteria.

Reduce or Quit Tobacco

Smoking not only has a negative effect on the health of your lungs, but the inside of your mouth and gums as well. Tobacco has been shown to be directly responsible for increasing plaque production and a patient’s risk of developing gum disease. Smoking also causes a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream, which makes it harder for the gums to repair themselves properly. This can exacerbate symptoms and increase the severity of the patient’s periodontitis.

Visit Riverstone Dental Care for Routine Dental Visits

Visiting our office for routine cleanings and exams is crucial for achieving and maintaining positive oral health. We usually recommend that patients visit our office at least twice per year, but patients who have periodontal disease or are at risk of developing periodontal disease can benefit from additional visits throughout the year. Contact our office in Post Falls or Coeur d’Alene, ID or click the contact button to schedule an appointment.


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