4 Signs You Need Braces Again

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When you get your braces removed, the dentist explains how to care for your teeth to keep them straight and healthy. Unfortunately, time can get away, or things out of our control happen, and your teeth shift out of alignment. Many individuals end up needing braces again. If you suspect you fall into this category, here are four signs that can help you determine if you need braces again.

    1. Crowding & Shifting

    Crowded teeth are a common reason to get braces. However, after teeth are straightened it’s essential to wear the retainer as prescribed by the dentist. Unfortunately, without continued use of a retainer, teeth tend to shift out of place. This is the main reason most patients need braces again. People forget to wear the retainer or it can get lost or broken. If it isn’t replaced promptly, before long teeth have shifted and the retainer doesn’t fit anymore. Depending on the severity of the crowding and shifting, you may need braces again.

    2. Tooth Gaps

    Shifting teeth can also cause gaps in your teeth! Tooth gaps make it more likely to experience discomfort when eating or speaking. Tooth gaps can occur due to a tooth’s natural inclination to shift or due to growth in the size of your jaw. These gaps become trouble spots where food gets stuck. This makes your gums susceptible to catching bacteria and developing gum disease.

    3. Difficulty Eating or Speaking

    Daily activities like eating or speaking shouldn’t be difficult. However, shifting teeth and gaps have the potential to impact these. When your teeth aren’t aligned properly, your bite pattern gets thrown off. Sometimes it is pronounced enough that it becomes difficult to chew or pronounce words correctly.

    4. Wisdom Tooth Growth

    Many people tend to get braces at a young age. This is often before wisdom teeth grow into place. Because wisdom teeth are strong molars, they will attempt to push their way through whether there is room for them or not. This can cause a lot of trouble for surrounding teeth, including potential fractures or cracking. The growth of wisdom teeth can cause a chain reaction of teeth shifting out of place. Before getting braces again to straighten up your teeth, you’ll want to get those pesky wisdom teeth removed.

Why Get Braces Again?

You just read four signs that you might need to get braces again. Now here are four reasons why you should do it. First, crooked teeth can make it difficult to brush your teeth. And sometimes crowded teeth are especially challenging to floss because they are so close together that the floss gets stuck. Thorough brushing and flossing are important in caring for your oral health. Second, correctly aligned teeth feel more comfortable in your mouth. Third, malocclusion can cause headaches and jaw pain, especially as you age. And finally, straight teeth are aesthetically pleasing. Your smile is one of the first things people notice and it’s nice to feel confident that your smile reflects your personality.

Traditional Braces & Invisalign® at Riverstone Dental Care

You might be hesitant or even frustrated to find out you need braces again. Fortunately, our Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls offices offer two options to get your teeth straight again, traditional braces and Invisalign®. Often adults prefer the discreet clear aligners and quicker treatment times of Invisalign, especially when it’s the second time around! Whatever you decide, we make the process as seamless as possible for our patients. Feel free to give us a call at either our office in Coeur d’Alene or our office in Post Falls to schedule an appointment or to learn more.


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