3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Visual showing four stages of root canal treatment

A root canal is a procedure that consists of a dentist removing the damaged pulp from your tooth to clear up the infection and do away with any pain you have. At Riverstone Dental Care, serving Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, and the surrounding Idaho area, we encourage you to look out for the following signs that your tooth is infected. Our team offers stress-free root canal treatments.

  1. Pain and Sensitivity
  2. Sensitivity to hot and cold can happen for several reasons, such as gum disease or decay. However, when your tooth is infected, you may have a sensitivity to hot or cold that lingers after you remove the hot or cold item. When you have an infected tooth, there’s usually pain. Sometimes, it is severe and occurs particularly when you place pressure on the area, like when you’re eating.

  3. Tooth Damage
  4. A tooth infection that reaches the pulp of your tooth will cause the nerves and blood vessels inside of your tooth to die. Sometimes, your tooth will change color, usually yellow, gray, black, or light brown. Your tooth will continue to darken over time as more of the tooth dies. A severe crack or chip in your tooth can allow harmful bacteria to enter and damage the tooth root. Ultimately, this requires you to need a root canal.

  5. Gum Problems
  6. You may develop a small bump or abscess on your gums caused by the infection. You’ll notice that it’s near the affected tooth. Often your gums will be swollen and red. That’s a sign that you have an infected tooth that’s irritating your sensitive gum tissue.

Root Canal Therapy at Riverstone Dental Care

Infected teeth will not get better without proper treatment. In fact, ignored infections can turn into dental emergencies. A root canal will usually save the natural tooth and allow you to avoid a tooth extraction. Contact Riverstone Dental Care if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms. You can click the link below or call us at 208-676-8500.


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